About Us

Domestic mine resources available in Turkey are considered to be significantly important not only for the achievement of community development but also for the enhancement of competitive capacity and, the contribution to the national economy.

Istanbul takes the first position with its reserve of 91% among the mine field reserves in Turkey. In terms of the production of ceramic clays, the district Şile takes the first position in Turkey with its share of 47% and, also in Istanbul with its share of 84%.

Since the 1980’s, the neogene basin of Şile has become a very important region to meet the clay reserve of Turkey as the demand for raw materials especially in the ceramic ware industry. The total reserve for ceramic clays in the region is more than 200 million tons and, it is considered to be the heart of Turkey in respect of the quality and reserves. In the district Şile, approximately 2.5 million of clays are provided to the industry per year.

The first generation of our family-owned business started to engage in mine activities by manufacturing refractory clays in Kemerburgaz/ Ağaçlı Village, Istanbul, in 1967. It started manufacturing coals as from 1973. Thereafter, the 2nd generation established the company Er Madencilik in 1989 for further production of clays and coals. Between 1990 and 2011, it started to supply ceramic clays to various ceramic ware factories throughout the country apart from the production of coals. It has changed its activity area as from 2011 and, is currently engaging in the production of ceramic, refractory and vitrified clays in Şile, Istanbul. The average volume for the production and sales of raw materials is approximately 200,000 tons per year; in addition, we maintain 150,000 tons of stock on a permanent basis. In 2013, our company held the position as one of the leading companies in Şile in terms of the production and sales of clays.